WingChun Tigers

WingChun Tigers

WingChun Tigers

What is WingChun Tigers ?

WingChun Tigers is a martial art system for children to build confidence and let them have fun while learning to defend themselves.

There are 8 Student Levels for WingChun Tigers to achieve. At the age of 12 years, children usually switch to the adults classes. If a child reaches the maximum Tigers grade level, namely the 8th Student Level, before the age of 12, it is preferable that he or she join the adult classes after consultation with his or her parents. Achieving the 9th-11th (Primary Level) is the official standard of the IAW. These comprehensive programs include highly intensive training and cannot be taught in the children’s classes.

We are always available to answer questions regarding the Self-Defence education of your child.

Currently these academies are offering childrens classes

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