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International Academy of WingChun

Great Britain

Chris Richards

Assistant WingChun Instructor

My interest in Martial Arts started as a child when I was taken to my first Karate lesson. I then went on to learn Thai Boxing as a teenager for a number of years around Kent. From then I decided that I would like to explore more avenues into martial arts, leading me to attend my first WingChun class with instructor Steve Rose in 2009. In due course, I also briefly attended Krav Maga and Judo amongst my years of training.

My passion for Wingchun soon became apparent when my eyes were opened to the combative self defence style, which then influenced the next 12 years of training. I went on to attend regular classes under Sihing Steve Rose and attended Wingchun and S.A.T seminars with Sifu Klaus Brand and Sifu Ralph Daul.

From 2009 to 2021, I have attended and been graded from Student Level 1 to Student Level 11, making me able to become an Assistant Instructor under the Gravesend Academy, which I am extremely proud of.

I intend to carry on widening my knowledge and skill in the Art and look forward to the opportunity to teach others in the near future.

Chris Richards
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