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International Academy of WingChun

Great Britain

Colin Dawes

WingChun Instructor

Hi my name is Colin Dawes and have had an interest in martial arts for many years.

In 2005 I went along to a local club training under the European Wing Chun Organisation and thoroughly enjoyed it. However, in 2007 a group of students found the International Academy of WingChun - IAW, founded by Grand Master Klaus Brand. In 15 years I have never looked back.

I am a private student of Sifu Klaus and Sifu Ralph Dahl and have risen from 1st student level to 2nd degree Technician and together with my colleague Mark Darby we run the academy in Tonbridge.

We are a small friendly group and offer a mixed class involving instruction in WingChun together with real Escrima and Combat. In addition we run regular advanced special classes and attend virtual Zoom seminars with Sifu Ralph.

Colin Dawes
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