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International Academy of WingChun

Great Britain

Phil Mardle

Assistant WingChun Instructor

My name is Phil Mardle and I have been training under the watchful eye of Sihing Greg Willis for almost
10 years. Since 2016, I have been Practitioner Grade and Student level in Escrima (weapons
fighting). I am Assistant Instructor at WingChun Caterham.
My Martial Arts journey started quite late in life with my two eldest children, who trained with me
on a regular basis. We all very quickly came to appreciate that the system is not about ego’s, size or
strength and very much focused on the ‘real world’ practical side of Martial Arts as an tool for Self
I have been fortunate to attend WingChun, S.A.T. and Escrima Seminars and Gradings with
Grandmaster Sifu Klaus Brand and Sifu Ralph Dahl, who regularly attend the UK to support their
Instructors and students alike.
I have a passion for the art and a never-ending desire to learn more.

Phil Mardle
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