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International Academy of WingChun

Great Britain

Steve Rose

WingChun Instructor

My name is Sihing Steve Rose.

In 1997, at the age of 28, I began my study of Wing Chun.

I first studied with the National Wing Chun Association, attaining the 9th student level.

Our Sifu then took the decision to merge with the EWTO under Grand Master Keith Kernspecht, Head of the European section of the IWTO under Grand Master Leung Ting.

Reaching the Second Technician grade with the WT system, we had the opportunity to train with guest instructors such as Brian Jacks- Judo, Lee Hasdell-Shoot fighting, Rick Young-JKD, Geoff Thompson-Street self defence and Master Simon Lau-Wing Chun.

With seminars hosted by the Organisation founder Dr. Leung Ting, Latosa Escrima, Rapid Arnis with Pat O'Malley and regular Blitz defence seminars hosted by Grandmaster Kernspecht, my self defence training has been varied.

In 2007, a visit and series of seminars hosted by Grand Master Sifu Klaus Brand led me to join the International Academy of WingChun, where I study to this day.

Along with my fellow instructors, we prepare our students for the reality and brutality of real self defence.

I currently hold the second technician grade in WingChun, Special Applications Training (SAT) Instructor and student level in Escrima.

I am very confident in the self defence skills I have learned over the years and thoroughly enjoy every training session I attend, 24 years after first stepping foot in the Dojo.

And long may it continue.

Steve Rose
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